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Professional Aluminum, Zinc and Magneiusm alloy die casting. One stop solution from tooling swiss fake watches for sale, die casting, precision machining and surface treatment. Specialized in thin wall casting and weight reduction solution. Products range from home appliances, electronics, automotive, and copy watches with top quality special industrial parts.
Dong Guan Fan Ya Metals Manufacturers Ltd.

Office/Correspondence Address:
Fuma Industrial Park 523921, Chigang, Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

Major Markets: Asia (China, Japan), Europe (Germany, Italy, Swiss, Denmark), North America (USA)

Business Nature:
Manufacturing - Metal Products

Membership Type:
Corporate Member
Name of Representative:
Mr Bosco POON

Position Held:
Marketing Director

Tel: (86) 769-82888138
Fax: (86) 769-85221618
Email: bosco.poon@hkppm.com.cn