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With over 1,100 staff in Hong Kong, CASL provides both line & base (HMV & C-checks) maintenance services for different aircraft types; ground support equipment services, cabin interior & exterior cleaning, as well as spare parts logistic services, top quality replica watches online. Besides being an approved aircraft maintenance organization, CASL is also approved to provide training and other technical services.
China Aircraft Services Limited

Office/Correspondence Address:
81 South Perimeter Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong

Major Markets: Worldwide

Business Nature:
Service and Maintenance - Aviation Support

Membership Type:
Corporate Member
Name of Representative:
Mr Andreas MEISEL

Position Held:

Tel: (852) 2261 2819
Fax: (852) 2261 2388
Email: andreas.meisel@csl.com.hk
Website: www.casl.com.hk

Photo of Representative: