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Message from Dr. Angus Cheung, President of the HKAIA

It is my great honour to be elected as the President of the Hong Kong Aviation Industry Association (HKAIA). 

As a non-profit making organization representing Hong Kong's aviation industry, since its inception in the year 2006, HKAIA has been actively organizing different activities to enhance the competitiveness and development of the industry. It also acted as the communication link between the industry and the government in areas affecting the industry's development. Past endeavours have not only produced gratifying results but also laid the solid foundation for HKAIA to build its future success.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude to our Honorary Chairmen Mr Norman Lo, Dr T. L. Ng, Mr Cliff Sun, Honorary Advisors Hon. Miriam Lau Dr W. K. Lo, Mr David Lui, Mr Christopher Gibbs, Founding Advisor Mr L. M. Li, Founding President Prof. Jackson Ho and all Committee Members for their contributions. I am also most grateful for the supports given by the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China, Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Innovation and Technology Commission, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Vocational Training Council and the Federal Aviation Administration of USA. 

The year 2011 is the 100th Anniversary of the first powered flight in Hong Kong, during this period, Hong Kong has emerged as one of the major aviation hubs in the world. Besides providing over 65,000 employment opportunities at the airport, according to the Government, Hong Kong's aviation industry has generated an economic contribution of HK$78 billion or 4.6% of Hong Kong's GDP in 2008.

The future for aviation is in the Asia Pacific, in particular, China. There will be a market for 33,500 new aeroplanes between now and 2030, which is estimated to worth USD 4 trillion. The Asia Pacific would account for a third of total aircraft deliveries and much of the growth is being driven by Chinese carriers.

The prospect is bright, and HKAIA is committed to accomplish its established objectives and to make contributions to Hong Kong's economy and the Asia Pacific Aviation Industry.

Dr Angus Cheung
September 2011

Masal Oku