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HKAIA Publicity - Invitation by Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited (2020.09.17) Details

HKAIA Publicity - Invitation by Greater Bay Area Aviation Exchange Association (2020.09.16) Details

HKAIA Publicity - Invitation by Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT) (2020.06.10) Details

HKAIA 2020 Extraordinary General Meeting, 2020.04.27 Details

HKAIA 13th Annual General Meeting and HKAIA 7th Committee-1st Meeting, 2019.08.26 Details

HKAIA 13th Annual General Meeting and the HKAIA 7th Committee-1st Meeting was held on 2019.08.26 at HKPC.

Roundtable Meeting with World Trade Centre of Utah (2019.09.16) Details

To connect with leaders in Hong Kong's aviation industry and discover their role in the fastest-growing region for commercial aerospace opportunities. Like Utah, Hong Kong's aviation industry serves a broader market beyond its borders. Utah companies can find new partnership opportunities in Hong Kong and learn about best practices for success in the region.

HKAIA 2019 Extraordinary General Meeting, 2019.10.15 Details

HKAIA RTTP Funding Project - Overseas Training to Shanghai on Technology and Supply Chain for Aviation Industry (2019.11.14-17) Details

HKAIA TSF Funding Project, 2020.09.01–2022.12.31 Details

Project Title:

"Product and Service Innovation in Aviation Industry: A key to strengthen Hong Kong's status as an international aviation hub"


HKAIA BUD Funding Project (2017.08.28 - 2019.11.27) Details

# To promote Hong Kong Aviation Industry in the Mainland by demonstrating the core values of professionalism in terms of “premium safety and quality of service and manufacturing”

# To provide assistance to Hong Kong's companies to access the business opportunities of the General Aviation sectors of the Mainland Aviation market
# To equip Hong Kong's companies with the industry knowledge and market information of the Mainland's General Aviation sector